Thursday, October 01, 2009

Project Vietnam Overdue Update

So much happened since our posting in 2007...
Project Vietnam became Project Vietnam Foundation in January 2008 and has continued its missions trekking the rural roads to provide corrective surgeries to children and healthcare treatment to needy families in remote locations.
We have been fortunate on receiving the contribution of many volunteers who spent 4 weeks or longer at program sites all over Vietnam, working on projects - truly labors of love and compassion. They have learned and appreciated the experience.
Kelli Wong and Conrad Williams, 2 senior medical students from Tulane University, grade their experience as below. To read more about their 4 weeks at Vinh Children's Hospital, Nghe An province, please go to their blog

Wrapping up the medicine part of our trip

02.28.2009 overcast 85 °F
Our month in Vinh truly was worthwhile. It was great to be immersed in a health care system tootally different from the one in which I have trained so far. Everything was such a memorable experience: from talking with the doctors in broken medical English to examining so many kids with pathologies that we rarely see in the U.S. because of the access to so much care back home. I also fell that the asthma survey will wind up doing much good. We had a final day meeting with the hospital director and we gave him suggestions as to how to implement a program to educate both children and parents about asthma. It was an incredible learning experience and I hope to return one day when my medical  knowledge is so much better than it is now, and maybe my Vietnamese will be slightly better also.
An awesome experience and Kelli and I hope to set up a pipeline to Vinh for Tulane students to come every year or so. We would highly recommend it.
The country is amazing and the kindness, hospitality and generosity of the Vietnamese people is truly humbling. This has so far been a trip that will forever be on my mind and as soon as I return home, I will be trying to figure out when I can come back.


         The students round everyday with local staff

Conrad and Kelli with new friends, 2 doctors from Vinh Children's Hospital, at Cua Lo Beach

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