Friday, August 11, 2006

Duc Giang Hospital in Hanoi

Just across the Red River from Hanoi's Old Quarter is an excellent example of the disparity in medical services available to needy city residents. The Duc Giang Hospital is staffed by enthusiastic, dedicated doctors, nurses, and aides, but the needs are great. Recently elevated to a higher status with a larger number of patients to be served, the hospital is in need of equipment, supplies and training. Project Vietnam has been asked to add Duc Giang to our list of supported hospitals.

The accompanying photos show the overcrowding and lack of equipment. For example, several infants were housed in the ER temporarily due to a lack of beds for them. The hospital is clean and the staff are highly motivated, and they ask for help on behalf of their needy patients. If you would like to make a contribution to benefit the patients who turn to this hospital for help, your funds can be specifically earmarked to support this needy facility.

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